Fishing Info

Blue Runner Fishing Charters ~ Marco Island ~ Phone: 239-253-4805

"Periods of tranquility shattered occasionally by periods of mind blowing excitement."

Generally speaking, fishing around Marco Island is very good with "Lots of Action" on typical trips. Everyone will catch fish. That is my main goal. When I was 18 (many years ago) I went on my first charter boat. Out of 5 people on board, I was the only one who didn't catch a fish. I am STILL not over that, so I know how it feels.

We catch a wide variety of fish throughout the year. The bait and techniques we use,and the types of fish we catch, will depend on several differrent things, such as current weather, water temperature, water clarity, and the length of the trip you choose. When you call me for information, I will give you an honest evaluation of the fishing and weather conditions for the time you are looking, and what you can expect to catch.

As you can see from the pictures on this site, we have a variety of fish, from the size of your hand, to things you'll find hard to believe. Between March and November I run many shark and tarpon trips. (Thrill Seekers Only!)

We work closely with our friend, Captain Bill Walsh from Dawn Patrol Charters!

Big Bull Shark

Caught and released on 11/6/15